An Introduction to Interactive Programming with Python

This class is nine weeks long. For most weeks, you will watch two sets of videos (part a and part b) and then complete one quiz for each set. These quizzes have a soft deadline of Tuesday/Thursday, respectively, and a hard deadline of Saturday. The main task for each week is to complete a mini-project that is due on Saturday. You will then be asked to assess your peer's mini-projects on the following Sunday-Wednesday.

Week Topics Mini-project
0 Statements, expressions, variables ---
1 Functions, logic, conditionals "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock" game
2 Event-driven programming, local and global variables, buttons and input fields "Guess the Number" game
3 The canvas, static drawing, timers, interactive drawing Stopwatch: The Game
4 Lists, keyboard input, motion, positional/velocity control "Pong" game
5 Mouse input, more lists, dictionaries, images "Memory" game
6 Classes, tiled images "Blackjack" game
7 Acceleration and friction, spaceship class, sprite class, sound Spaceship from "RiceRocks" game
8 Sets, groups of sprites, collisions, sprite animation Full "RiceRocks" game